Dyson Just Upped The Robo-Vacuum Ante


Even though the company had gone on record saying the “technology for robotic vacuum cleaners isn’t ready yet”, that might have been $47 million and 16 years of R&D ago. Today that all changes with the announcement of the Dyson 360 Eye, a robotic vacuum cleaner that they clearly feel is ready for the big time. Unlike its competitors, this bot has a 360 degree camera mounted on top, which allows it to accurately map its surroundings and more efficiently cover its working area. It does the mapping at 30fps, but adjusts its shutter speed to match the bot’s own movement, so it never loses track of its position within the room. A rotating brush made from carbon fiber and nylon bristles spans the width of the front of the bot, kicking dust up in the air and making it easier for the powerful V2 digital motor to suck it up. This dust gets stored in the 0.4L tank, which is plenty for most jobs. The battery lasts about 20 minutes before the Dyson 360 Eye needs to find its way back to its charging station, which it’ll get to even if there are minor obstacles in the way, thanks to its articulated “tank treads”.

Excited? Get ready to wait. The bot is being launched in Japan in Q1 2015, and then the rest of the world afterwards, at an undisclosed price. Expect that price to be: a lot!




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