Dyson Contrarotator Washing Machine

Dyson Contrarotator Washing Machine (Image courtesy Dyson)By Andrew Liszewski

I would have never referred to any vacuum cleaner as a ‘cool gadget’ until a friend of mine introduced me to the Dyson a few years ago. Not only did they manage to vastly improve the way the vacuum works but they also gave it a design that looked like something used on the Death Star.

The Dyson Contrarotator continues this tradition of innovation and stands out from other washing machines with a unique system that uses 2 drums rotating in opposite directions. The company claims this method flexes the fabric much more than in a conventional washer which not only results in cleaner clothes but also means larger loads and faster washtimes. Other improvements include a drum with 5,000 perforations compared to about 1,000 perforations in conventional washers and of course a high-tech design that will make you want to prominently display the Contrarotator anywhere in your home.

At this time I don’t think the Dyson washing machines are available in North America as of yet but you can get them overseas ranging in price from ?1,000 to ?1,200.

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  1. I wouldn’t want to display this ugly heap of purple plastic anywhere even remotely prominent. But I wouldn’t want to do this with any other washing machine. Anyway I prefer the white ones, thank you.

  2. I would so buy a purple washer & dryer, but I have to say the color choice on the vacuum is something to be desired. Yellow? It’s not even a good shade of yellow.

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