DYMO RHINO 101 Labeler Appears To Be An Over-Engineered Roll Of Tape

DYMO RHINO 101 (Image courtesy DYMO)
By Andrew Liszewski

DYMO had a good thing going with their classic embossing labelers. The tags might not have looked super professional, but they had a certain retro charm. However, since the company’s modern thermal paper models don’t require you to sit there stamping out a message letter by letter for 5 minutes, I can see the advantages to upgrading. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for this contraption.

While the DYMO website tries to convince me their RHINO 101 is perfect for people who need to “write and run”, I just can’t see why anyone would pay $20 for what is essentially a roll of white tape and a black Sharpie. Apparently the company doesn’t realize that most people buy DYMO labelers because either they don’t want to write their own labels (as this requires you to do), or like me, they can’t because they’ve already forgotten how to print.

[ DYMO RHINO 101 ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

4 thoughts on “DYMO RHINO 101 Labeler Appears To Be An Over-Engineered Roll Of Tape”

  1. I have to agree, it seems pretty pointless. Just carry a sharpie around with you and call it a day. I'd end up writing on the walls of the window provided.

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