DVD + Video Game Sun Visor Runs Out Of Things To Include

Sun Visor DVD+Game Player (Images courtesy Chinavasion)
By Andrew Liszewski

It seems the radio just isn’t enough to satisfy today’s tech-savvy passengers. So while adding a mobile entertainment center is a solution offered on a lot of new vehicles, retrofitting one into an older ride can be kind of messy. Unless of course you manage to cram everything into a package that can easily replace the passenger side sun visor. Not only does this replacement visor include an actual DVD player with a 7-inch 16:9 display, but it also serves as a classic gaming machine with a built-in emulator. I’m not sure what classic games it can actually play (I’m assuming it runs MAME) but I know it does include a disc that’s already full of titles you just know will be amazing.

There’s also a remote control if you can’t reach 2 feet, or happen to be sitting in the back seat, as well as an integrated FM transmitter so you can play the sound through your car’s stereo. On the side you’ll find an SD/MMC slot for loading games, videos or MP3s via a memory card, but the DVD drive can also handle mixed media discs. For gaming the visor includes 2 controllers that connect to mini USB ports, but anyone playing in the back seat will have a distinct disadvantage because of the 7-inch display.

It’s available from Chinavasion for about $100.

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  1. Do note that shipping & handling from Chinavasion is incredibly expensive, but they have some Way Cool stuff that PRETTY much works exactly the way they describe it. 😉

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