DVD Coach Single-Target Portable DVD Duplicator

DVD Coach (Image courtesy EZ Dupe Inc.)
By Andrew Liszewski

This is a great little device for ‘that friend of yours’ who’s always copying DVDs or CDs. The DVD Coach from EZ-Dupe looks to be about as large as the first personal CD players to hit the market, but includes 2 drive trays allowing you to copy DVDs or CDs without the need for a computer.

However it will work just like any other external burner when connected to a PC, and will even allow you to use the drive as a Lightscribe labeler with the proper media. Those who still use audio CDs can even use the DVD Coach’s track editing feature to create a custom audio disc from their own playlist. Unfortunately I have no idea where the name ‘DVD Coach’ comes from, unless it was inspired by the Craig T. Nelson sitcom.

You can find the DVD Coach online and it looks to range in price from about $340 to $460.

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