DVD BurnAway Will Offload Memory Cards, Play Music, Bore Friends With Tacky Slideshow

burn awayBy David Ponce

When you’re on the road, taking pictures or video, you always run the risk of filling up your memory cards, and then have to either delete some stuff to make room for more, or stop taking pictures/video altogether. There are a few options out there for unloading your data, one of which is to drop it into your iPod. Not everyone has an iPod, however, and even that has limited storage. Which is why we’re digging the DVD BurnAway, from Delkin. It’s a portable DVD burner that also happens to read CompactFlash (I&II), Microdrive, SD, MMC, SmartMedia, Memory Stick, MS PRO, and xD (with adapter) cards. Simply stick your card in, insert a blank DVD, and offload your data. If you happen to have more data than can fit on one DVD (!), there’s a disc spanning feature that allows you to fit your data over several DVDs. You can also do multi-session burning which supports the copying of small files in repeated sessions.

But that’s not all. The device, when connected to a PC via USB 2.0, can serve as an actual DVD burner. Also, it can be a CD or MP3 player; just insert your media, plug the headphones and listen away. Also, when connected to a TV or projector via the included S-Video or RCA cables, will give you the ability to bore your friends with a slideshow of your vacation. It’s powered via rechargeable battery pack.

We think it’s damn useful, though at $370, is a little pricey.

[DVD BurnAway] VIA [TRFJ]

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