Duracell Powerpack 100 Recharges Your Gadgets On The Go

duracell powerpack 100

By David Ponce

Running out of juice sucks (I don’t mean orange juice). Sure, we can come up with tons of features that do an endless stream of “stuff” with our gadgets, but when the power runs out, you’re done. That’s why we’re digging Duracell’s awesome Mobile 100 portable power source. It features a standard North-American power outlet, as well as two USB ports. It can recharge pretty much any of your gadgets, simultaneously, giving you different levels of extra play-time:

Laptop: 2 hours of runtime
Cellphone: 18 hours talk time
Blackberry: 9 hours operating time
Portable game console: 8 hours of play time
MP3 player: 96 hours of play time

Given that different gadgets will suck power at different rates, we’re not altogether sure what kind of hat these numbers were pulled out of. Still, whatever extra time you get will no doubt be appreciated.

Expect to pay around $140 at various retailers.

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