Dude, Your Car Is Over There


By Evan Ackerman

Even though everyone and their dog has a cellphone nowadays, most of which have built-in cameras, Heathrow Airport is still looking out of those people who can’t remember where they parked their car, putting cartoon and sitcom plot lines in serious jeopardy. The new £4.2 billion short term parking garage will hold 3,800 cars over 5 storeys, and if there was a runway on the roof, it would be one of the largest airports in Europe all by itself. So, you can imagine it might be easy to get lost in the place, which is why your car’s license plate gets entered into an automated system on arrival. Lights in the pavement guide you to the nearest open space while infrared cameras track your progress. Once you get back, just stick your parking ticket into a machine, and it’ll tell you where your car is on an interactive map. No word on just how much this system will increase the cost of airport parking, but based on how much an airport sandwich costs, I bet it will be a ridiculous and unreasonable amount.

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