Duct Tape Fashion

By David Ponce

You know something? People are really nuts about duct tape. I had no idea. You crazy Americans! I’ve never had quite as much of a reaction as I have for the Duct Tape Bandaids.

It’s not the first duct tape product we feature here though. We’ve had Duct Tape Wallets. And now, well, hell, we have us some duct tape fashion.

Why not?

It seems there are people (real, breathing, non-imaginary people) who partake in this most interesting of, er, movements. They even have a website dedicated to all fashions duct tape.

Right. So, um, there you have it. Story VIA Double Viking.

9 thoughts on “Duct Tape Fashion”

  1. This looks like you have to much time on your hands. Any way it looks preatty cool. The only thing that i have made in duct tape is a wallet.

  2. It’s so arbitrary. Why not a condom wrapper or head of lettuce contest? Pick your medium and build something completely useless. Congratulations, you win!

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