Dualit’s Kitchen DAB

By Tanya Palta

Finally a reason to move one’s lazy ass and make something in the kitchen (and no I?m not talking about a mess). The European company called Dualit, known for their kitchen products, just ventured into the consumer electronics market with the DAB kitchen radio. No it?s not a toaster that moonlights as a radio (though that would have been cool); it?s just a radio that looks like a toaster.

It’s got an aluminum case and a chrome finish and would be the perfect companion to the Dualit?s celebrated Vario toaster. Music gets pumped out through a single 8W speaker. There’s a blue LED display and cooking timer. Battery life (of the rechargeable kind) stands at 4 hours on DAB, and 8 hours on FM.

You can buy it for 200 pounds and it will be available from John Lewis, starting mid-May.

[John Lewis] VIA [T3]

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