DS brut Creators Release Their Open Source Nintendo DS Bluetooth Adapter

Nintendo DS Bluetooth Adapter (Image courtesy DS brut)
By Andrew Liszewski

The addition of a touch screen has made the Nintendo DS a very popular console for the homebrew and ‘hacking’ community, and the creators of the DS brut have made things even easier for would be tinkerers with their DS Bluetooth Adapter. The Slot-1 compatible cart allows the DS to communicate with other devices like GPS receivers, expanding its capabilities, and its hardware schematics and software library is all open source if you’d like to build your own. (I’m pretty sure pre-assembled units are not actually available for sale.)

Almost two years in the making, we’re happy to finally release our DS Bluetooth adapter. The tiny Slot-1 cartridge allows you to hook up the Nintendo DS wirelessly with other devices such as GPS-receivers, robots and so forth. Today we’re making all materials of the project openly available, including the schematics and a GPL-licensed software library for the Nintendo DS, because we believe in open hardware design and want to encourage collaboration in the hardware hacking community.

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10 thoughts on “DS brut Creators Release Their Open Source Nintendo DS Bluetooth Adapter”

  1. I just got this great idea! Bluetooth teeth! Oh, I don't mean anything electonical. I mean actually making your teeth blue. It'd be the new hip hop craze with all the youngsters out there.

    OK, maybe not….

  2. So could you see your call id pop up over new super mario bros. so you can decide whether to stop playing and take the call? Or does your robot answer the phone for you? Or does he play the game while you take the call? The conveniences are endless.

  3. I have a psp and i have seen some of the home brew apps and hacks that can be done to it, yet the ds seems to be out pacing the psp with awesome addons. Things like this make me seriously consider buying a ds for myself.

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