Dry In 30 Seconds: Body Dryer Eliminates Need to Towel Off

Body Dryer

So this gadget right here that looks almost like a weighing scale (oh wait, it actually also happens to be one!) could get rid of towels once and for all. Aptly called the Body Dryer, it promises to dry you off in half a minute or less, which is way faster than you could ever dry yourself off with a towel.

The Body Dryer has been in development for over two years, creator Tyler Overk explains. He adds: “We realized that there’s so many germs, so much bacteria that we’re reusing and putting back onto our bodies after we’ve cleaned ourselves from the shower or even coming out of the pool. We came up with eliminating towels.”

Body Dryer1


But how does it work? Basically, the Body Dryer blows “super ionized air” at “strategic angles” to push all of that water away from the person’s body, drying them in the process.

The Body Dryer is currently up for funding on Indiegogo, where it has already raised thrice its target goal. Pledge at least $150 to get one of your very own.

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