Drug Free YouTube Induced Psych Trip

By David Ponce

See here now. The fun thing about technology is that it is now possible to get a psychedelic trip without actually consuming any substances, of any kind. No damage to the central nervous system, no waking up on your neighbour’s lawn half-naked with bananas in your hands, etc. All you have to do is watch this here video through and through.

Yes, it’s a little long, and you may be tempted to quit halfway. Don’t. Trust me, it’s worth your two minutes. Just watch this clip and when prompted, look at anything.

Looking at your hand is especially trippy.

VIA [FayerWayer]

5 thoughts on “Drug Free YouTube Induced Psych Trip”

  1. What about “long-lasting pain for a stupid visual effect that lasts all of ten seconds” didn’t you savvy, there Flash? The visual effect lasted MAYBE ten seconds. The headache induced by stupidly staring at flashing black-and-white lines to GET that limited-duration visual effect lasted for SIX HOURS. I suppose you could say it serves me right, but I think a small warning there might have been in order. “Warning, people prone to epilepsy and migranes will want to sit this one out.” That’s all it would have taken, believe me, and I would have steered clear. Does such a warning exist here? Let me look. Ah, NO.

  2. Give me a break people. Take a little responsibility for your own actions. Clearly if you have issues with migraines or epilepsy you could have clicked the stop button on the video or simply looked away. Don’t blame others for something that you and you alone have the power to control.

    Go jump off a cliff.

    ?Warning, people prone to injury by way of sudden deceleration will want to sit this one out.?

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