Droog Storage Straps

Droog Straps (Image courtesy All Modern)
By Andrew Liszewski

A few weeks ago I wrote about something called the Contactbox, which was basically a storage box for your small electronics that used an elastic cord to display your toys while hiding the charging cables inside. These Straps from Amsterdam based design firm Droog do the exact same thing (mostly) except on a larger scale. They’re made from silicone rubber and easily attach to any wall using just two screws. The tension of the straps can also easily be adjusted by simply moving the screws closer or farther apart. (As long as you’re cool with all the screw holes in your wall.) Obviously more tension means they’ll be able to support heavier objects.

Of course the Droog Straps are pretty much the exact same idea as the Elastico Bookshelf concept, but manage to set themselves apart by actually being available for sale. You can find them at AllModern.com in charcoal, red, white or green for $23.42 each. So if you wanted to recreate the storage wall seen in that product shot, it will cost you $562.08.

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