Dreamate Sleep Aid – A One Way Ticket To Dreamland

Dreamate Sleep Aid (Image courtesy Gaiam)By Andrew Liszewski

If life’s got you a bit too stressed to get a good night’s sleep you’ll be happy to know there’s a whole industry dedicated to helping you finally catch some Z’s. But if unnecessary medication isn’t your thing there are alternatives like the Dreamate Sleep Aid. It’s a special wrist band you’re supposed to wear when you’re ready to go to bed that delivers a “comfortable double-frequency micro-massage (via a vibration motor) to specific pulse points — called the Sleeping Golden Triangle in traditional Chinese medicine — to safely relieve stress and induce sleep.”

Apparently this ‘Sleeping Golden Triangle’ is three acupuncture points located on the wrist that are responsible for calming, relieving stress and sleep inducing and stimulating these points with vibration can actually help put you under. Of course if it doesn’t work you can always go back to downing a bottle of children’s cough medicine when it’s time to hit the hay. (Please note: OhGizmo does not officially recommend downing a bottle of children’s cough syrup for either medical or entertainment purposes.)

The Dreamate is currently available from Gaiam for $99.

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