Double-Barelled Pistol Disguises As A Smartphone


Looking at the top picture, you’d think you’re seeing a regular smartphone with a rugged case. But then you look at the bottom picture and you realize that, yes, this could in fact be a pistol just like the headlines says. It’s a project by a company called Ideal Conceal, and it takes the concept of “conceal carry” a couple of steps further. To be honest, we’re not sure how to feel about it. Sure, you can make the case that you might want to be able to walk around with the stopping power of a Double Barrel .380 in your pocket without alarming the whole neighbourhood, but the idea just seems ripe for abuse. And in any case, we’re not even sure it’s real, despite the website claiming they’ll charge $395 for it when it becomes available mid-2016. We’ll keep an eye on the space and update you.


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