DOTKLOK Open Source Digital Clock

DOTKLOK Open Source Digital Clock (Images courtesy Andrew O’Malley)
By Andrew Liszewski

They might be cheap and reliable, but the name brand digital clocks you can get at your local big box electronics store aren’t really designed for tinkering. Now obviously that’s probably not a feature at the top of everybody’s wish-list, but those who prefer to do-it-themselves, and like to be able to customize their gear, will find the DOTKLOK an appealing option.

Designed by Andrew O’Malley, the motivation behind the DOTKLOK was to create a clock that could tell time in a variety of different ways, whether through standard numbers, words and even animations. It’s powered by an ATmega328 microprocessor running the Arduino bootloader which allows it to be easily updated and/or customized, and the 24×16 LED display allows for a high-degree of creativity, while still having a bit of retro charm. The DOTKLOK kit is available from Andrew via Etsy for $150 with either red or green LEDs used for the display, and an experienced builder can put it together in about 90 minutes. However, if soldering and wiring isn’t your thing, there are also pre-built DOTKLOKs available, but they’ll set you back $200.

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