Dot Creator Makes Animated Pixel Art

Dot Creator (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

The Dot Creator is a handheld device for kids that allows them to create and play back a simple animation. At only 21×21 pixels the LCD screen is probably as low-res as you can get without being completely useless but should at least allow for decent battery life. And thanks to the size of the actual pixels the Dot Creator will ensure your kids’ doodles are free of any curves or circles whatsoever. Think of it as an Etch-A-Sketch for the 21st century.

While its built-in memory can store up to 3 animations each one is limited to a paltry 19 frames. That’s not even one second of video. And since there’s no way to get the animations off the device once they get deleted they’re gone forever.

But at only $15 from it should keep the young ones entertained for at least an afternoon.

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