Doro HandleEasy 326GSM Phone Keeps It Simple

Doro HandleEasy 326GSM (Image courtesy Doro)By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve recently begun installing more and more unofficial 3rd-party applications on my iPhone and for the inevitable day when I end up bricking it, I bought a pretty basic GSM phone to use as a backup. If you’re in the same situation, or are maybe looking for a phone for a technologically-challenged family member, the HandleEasy 326GSM from Doro might fit the bill.

While the phone has a slim design and is only about 1 1/2 times as tall as a credit card, it has a set of large easy-to-read buttons which will appeal to those who find they have to squint when using other handsets. The monochrome display matches the basic feel of the phone and it can be used to show caller IDs or scroll through a recent call log. There’s enough storage for about 50 numbers in the phonebook, and I assume the A, B, C and D buttons are used for speed dial. The handset also includes a built-in speakerphone, polyphonic ring tones, vibrating alert and supports the 900/DCS 1800 GSM bands.

Unfortunately the phone seems to be only available from the Doromobile online store for about $170, which is kind of expensive when you consider its lack of features.

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