Doodle or Die

‘Doodle or Die’ is Kind Of Like ‘Draw Something’, Except You Play On a Browser Instead

Doodle or Die

Remember Draw Something, that interactive doodling game by OMGPOP that quickly went viral upon its release? Its popularity died out almost just as fast as it rose (I bet Zynga felt like slapping themselves silly since they acquired the developer for hundreds of millions at its peak) when mobile gamers moved on to the next hot thing in gaming.

Doodle or Die follows the same premise, since players are expected to enter random phrases and create drawings based on the phrases that other people have turned it. The difference is that you can play with random people and keep drawing and drawing without having to wait for turns. That, and the fact that it’s the players who decide what to draw in the first place. In short, I guess you can think of it as chain-drawing game of sorts where you alternate between drawing stuff and describing stuff as you play.

It’s amazing what some people on the site have drawn so far. You can check out a couple of impressive drawings done by other players after the break.

Doodle or Die

The game was developed by  Aaron SilvermanDylan GreeneGarrett Miller and David “Wyn” Bennett.

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