Dominos Tempts DVD Renters With Pizza Smell After Movie Is Done


Some parts of the world still use spinning discs of plastic to enjoy their movies. Brazil is one of those places, and Dominos there decided to partner up with advertising firm Artplan for their latest campaign. They recruited 10 local DVD rental stores and replaced the labels on popular films with a special heat-activated one. It looks like a regular label when you pop it in the DVD player, but as it spins and heats up the label changes and is replaced with the image of a pizza, while simultaneously releasing the smell of a fresh pie, right out of the oven. Also printed on the new label is the following: “Did you enjoy the movie? The next one will be even better with a hot and delicious Domino’s Pizza.”

That’s as crude as advertising gets, but it’s also creative and probably effective. If we were the type of people that still pop discs in machines and someone dropped this on us, we just might pick up the phone for an order.

VIA [ DVice ]

1 thought on “Dominos Tempts DVD Renters With Pizza Smell After Movie Is Done”

  1. Maybe I am just one of the rare few that thinks a room that smells like food with no food in it is disgusting, or maybe it’s because I just generally prefer my house to smell more like flowers, but I think this is a terrible idea. It would make me hate renting movies and hate dominoes pizza at the same time.

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