Domino Flash Drive With Obvious Usage Display

Domino Pen Drive (Images courtesy Marcos Breder)
By Andrew Liszewski

It takes more than just a novel design to catch a consumer’s attention these days when it comes to flash drives. Just cramming one into a random object is less than impressive. So the Domino flash drive by Marcos Breder serves as a great example of an unusual design, that’s also practical. The domino pieces split apart into two separate drives, and the white dots indicate the remaining storage capacity. When the dots are all white, the drive is full, when the dots are all black, the drive is empty.

While it means each domino half can only display it’s capacity in 1/9th increments, it’s not that different to other flash drives on the market that use a simple series of bars instead. Of course the big difference is that those drives are actually on the market, while this one is just a design concept.

[ Domino Pen Drive ] VIA [ Yanko Design ]