Dog Beer

Dogoholics Anonymous: Dawg Grog ‘Beer’ for Dogs is Here

Dog Beer

I once had a friend who gave her dog a shot of alcohol once. She posted it on Facebook and was pelted with angry comments about irresponsible pet ownership and animal cruelty. This is not the same situation. There is no need to post those kinds of comments here, even though we’re going to be talking about ‘beer’ that’s ‘brewed’ especially for man’s best friend.

It’s only fair that dogs get their own special treat, right? I mean, hamsters have their yogurt drops and cats have their catnap. It’s high time that dogs get something more than just milk biscuits or beef jerky treats.

Dawg Grog, as the ‘beer’ is called, was made by Oregon-based Daniel Keeton. It doesn’t contain any alcohol, but it did get labeled as a ‘beer’ of sorts for dogs because Keeton’s special concoction has been such a huge hit with canines, particularly his own dog named Lola Jane. His secret? He won’t say exactly what’s in it but do know that it’s merely a blendĀ of vegetable broth and spent grain.


VIA [ Food Beast ]