Dog-o-Matic Washes Your Dog, Traumatizes Them For Life


By Chris Scott Barr

I’ve had a few dogs over the years, and not a single one has been very fun to wash. Usually I ended up just as wet as the dog, and somehow always ended up smelling worse. I’m sure it’s a lot easier to do with smaller pups, but I’m sure even those little guys put up a fight. So what’s the solution? Just pop your pooch into a doggie washing machine.

Yes, this is a real device, and no, it’s not meant as a punishment. Apparently the inventor has had such success with the Dog-o-Matic in France that she’s going to start distributing these all across Europe. Now I’m sure that in reality your dog isn’t having quite as bad of a time as we might think, but it still looks like you’re just popping them into a giant front-loading washing machine. If you’re ever in France and you really want your dog to hate you, just insert $47 and toss your dog in.

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7 thoughts on “Dog-o-Matic Washes Your Dog, Traumatizes Them For Life”

  1. Hi to all,
    I just would like to clear some points.
    The girl on the picture is the owner of the dog and also a customer.
    I didn't create that cabin (spanish company) but the concept which is a dog washing place where pet’s owner can wash them easily without dirtying their bathroom.
    The automatic cabin takes the concept of a water jets shower obviously softer than for humans (nothing is turning inside the washing space for people which were thinking this). Shampoo is similar of a shampoo for baby adapted to dogs and cats (doesn't hurt eyes and hears).
    In case of dog's panic, owners can push the stop button or open the door. Like that cycle is stopping and restart when you close the door or release stop button. After washing something like 50 dogs in 7 opening weeks, I’ve never see problems with dogs. Even if I get the case, owners can finish to wash or dry their pet themselves with the manual washing cabin.
    Have you ever wash a dog which doesn’t want to be wash…it’s almost impossible. The advantage of this kind of cabin comparing the manual one is because you don’t have human intervention, the dog quiet by himself. I saw a lot of dogs very cool inside the cabin and that was surprising the owner because they said to me that it was a pain to wash them by hand.
    Please have a look of the video of my site:

    Please before saying bad words keep you informed^^
    I thank you for my right of reply

  2. This thing is absolutely horrible! can people knowingly place their pet in a water boarding machine! I wouldn't be one bit surprised if any pets have gotten extremely stressed . and the inhalation of water is not a GOOD thing!..It never fails to amaze me that people will buy into anything that makes it easier to become LAZY!

  3. okay… i don't think it's a good idea for cats…. but for the dogs it looks fine. they don't look stressed; they look like they're in a wet kennel. and look, you probably could put your kids in it. it did show a person going in with their dog. you people need to calm down lol

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