Doctor Riter’s ErgoChair

Doctor Riter's ErgoChair (Image courtesy MODABODE)By Andrew Liszewski

The ErgoChair was apparently designed by a group of doctors, health practitioners and engineers in Switzerland as a means to promote correct posture for people stuck behind a desk most of their lives. (Though I have no idea who this Doctor Riter is or why he’s trying to take all the credit.) Instead of a traditional flat cushioned seat the ErgoChair has an egg-shaped flexible ball that allows you to freely move around in all directions while sitting so that you can find the best posture to relieve and prevent back pain while apparently strengthening muscles in the abdominal area and spine at the same time.

Like most chairs it requires some assembly when it arrives and includes an air pump for inflating the egg-shaped ball. As well like the tires on a car you can inflate or deflate the ball to find the best height or cushioning for your specific needs.

If you’re worried about what all that sitting and slouching is doing to your spine you might want to give the ErgoChair a shot but at $229.99 I really hope it works as claimed.

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