Dock Adapter For 2G iPod Shuffle

shuffle adapter2.jpg
shuffle adapter.jpg

By David Ponce

You can bet that the iPod Shuffle (2G) is feeling a little left out. Not having the same connector as all the other iPods seriously crimps its ability to use all those nice docks on the market. You know, all the ones with a lowercase “i” that sell ten times faster than the ones without the “i”. Right. But with this Dock Adapter for the iPod Shuffle from Griffin, the little boy can play with the big guys. Its use is pretty self-evident, but we’ll indulge you all the same: you plug the Shuffle on one end, and the other goes into whatever Universal Dock you might have put a regular iPod into.

We don’t know how much it is, nor when exactly it will be released, but it’s nice to know that the iPod HiFi is now compatible with a bunch more player. It’s great, really, because maybe now Apple will be able to sell at least a dozen of them overpriced music boxes.

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