DO WANT: Personal Jet Wing

Jet Wing

By Evan Ackerman

Okay, so the personal jetpack is pretty cool, but I think the personal jet wing is even cooler. Although it can’t (yet) launch you into the air, the four rocket engines (not sure if they’re rockets or jet turbines) bolted onto the carbon graphite wing provide enough thrust to propel the pilot horizontally for 4-6 minutes at 115 mph, at around 8000 ft (after you’ve jumped out of an airplane first). Landings are accomplished via parachute. Yeah, so maybe it’s not quite as practical or versatile as the personal jetpack, but doesn’t it look badass, especially with the folding wingtips? Vid (it’s in French, but you just want to see the thing in action, right?) after the jump.

The pilot’s name is Yves Rossy, and in addition to being an ex-military pilot, he’s also an air surfer. My guess is that he’s the only guy qualified to safely pilot one of these things.

[ Yves Rossy ] VIA [ Wired ]

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