DNA Bullets Mark A Suspect For Easier Arrest

DNA Bullets Mark A Suspect For Easier Arrest

When there’s a riot or any sort of high-risk situation, it’s not easy for the police to arrest everyone. They’re outnumbered and have to make decisions on how much risk to expose themselves to. That’s often an opportunity for criminals to get away. But if the SelectDNA product shown above takes off, that might get a little harder. It’s a pistol or rifle that comes loaded with very special pellets that mark their target with an indelible DNA-based substance. This makes it possible to positively identify and arrest the perpetrators later, when there’s less danger in doing so. And it’s better than colour markers, because the specificity of the DNA makes it possible to link them to a particular crime, rather than leave open the opportunity to claim that the ink came from “somewhere else”. Each pistol or rifle has an effective range of about 40m (131ft.), and each pellet in a pack has the same DNA identifying code. The DNA is synthetic, “meaning that the number of possible unique codes is infinite. Furthermore, it cannot be analysed without prior knowledge of the ‘Key Codes’, and therefore can’t be copied by any third party.”

There’s no word on how much this would cost, but of course it’s not a consumer product, so… what do we care? It’s just interesting to know this sort of tech exists.

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