DJ GO Portable Turntables Concept

DJ GO Portable Turntables (Image courtesy Design Continuum, Inc.)
By Andrew Liszewski

It will be a long time before digital turntables completely overtake their analog predecessors, but you can’t argue that carrying a hard drive full of MP3s to a gig is a lot easier than hauling crates full of vinyl. And it’s that convenience aspect that the Design Continuum has taken one step further with their DJ GO concept. The system is composed of a set of MP3/CD turntables with a built-in mixer that can fold up into a convenient single package. I have my doubts that the DJ GO would be the lightest thing you’ve ever thrown over your shoulder, but it’s at least lighter than the cases needed to move a set of 1200s. But don’t go throwing away your old tables just yet since there doesn’t seem to be any plans to put the DJ GO into production

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