DIY Vibro-Lockpick

By Bruce Eaton

In a very unique mod that changes an Oral-B Humming Bird from fighting the evils of plaque to helping the evils of lockpicking, comes the Vibrating Lock Pick by Jared Bouck. What a lot of people do not realize is that this is extremely old technology, with just a new take on it.

Lockpicking relies on a very simple process of just pushing up little pins in the lock and rotating the whole shaft to open the door or device. With this vibrating lockpick, you take the process of trying to push up the little pins one at a time to pushing them a thousand times a minute. The actual making of the device is fairly simple but a good starter for anyone wanting to try their hand at some homemade modding. The cost is only $9-15, which is great in case you botch it.

[Vibro-Lockpick] VIA [InventGeek]