DIY Hack Lets You Use Real Tree Branch To Play Angry Birds

By David Ponce

Playing Angry Birds, for me, got boring after the first week. Then as the months rolled by with the application at the top of the App Store, I wondered just what was wrong with people and how on earth they managed to stay interested. At least with the above DIY hack, there’s a bit of a novelty infusion that could get me to squeak maybe another couple of hours of gameplay. Maybe I’m just getting old. Whatever the case, Chris Jarratt was walking in Epping Forest, London when he found the above branch and decided it would be cool to turn it into a controller for Angry Birds. Why not? So he set about to hollowing out part of the branch to accommodate a microcontroller and an accelerometer, as well as a USB connector at the bottom. He then wrote some software that translated the different movements experienced by the slingshot into mouse movements on screen and voila, a real life Angry Bird slingshot.

Fortunately for the DIY enthusiasts out there, Chris included a step by step, as well as a video of the thing in action.

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