DIY Gadget To Spray Paint Surveillance Cameras


In a world where every digital word is scanned by a potentially overzealous algorithm, it can be risky even telling you folks about a product whose main usage scenario is generally illegal. So we’ll preface by saying that you definitely shouldn’t make the “surveillance camera spraypaint boomstick gadget” pictured above, no matter how much you think that new camera they installed on your block shouldn’t be there. But if you’re going to spraypaint a camera anyway, at the very least don’t get yourself killed by using an unstable ladder. This DIY gadget is fairly easily made at home, with step by step instructions from Chinese activist Al Weiwei.

These instructions are included in a fairly old book called “Do It: The Compendium”, which began to be compiled by Hans Ulrich Obrist back in 1993 as an experiment into open-ended, instruction-based, DIY art; the artist would provide the steps but the ‘art’ itself would be constructed by the motivated observer. Fast forward 20 years, and some sections seem appropriately relevant in today’s current events context.

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