DIY Das Mac Keyboard


By Luke Anderson

Nothing gives you geek cred quite like having a keyboard with blank keys. It lets everyone know that not only can you hit every single key without looking, but that you’re willing to spend  over a hundred bucks to prove it. While I will admit that the Das Keyboard does have it’s appeal, as a Mac user I can understand how some people wouldn’t really want to part with their aluminum keyboards. Thankfully there is a quick and simple way to convert your regular Mac keyboard into a Das Mac Keyboard.

You’ll need some sophisticated equipment to pull this project off. You’ll need a pair of goggles, one of those masks that you wear to protect yourself from fumes and a can of white spraypaint. I could go through the entire process step-by-step, but I think you can figure it out from here. Of course if you want to keep the aluminum look and just paint the keys, you’re going to have a bit more work on your hands. The end result should look just like the picture above, taken by Steve Essell who came up with this simple DIY project.

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