DIY Alarm Volume Booster

wineglass amplifierBy David Ponce

I bet this has been around for a while, but what the hell, some of y’all might not know. I didn’t.

If you constantly miss your cellphone alarm in the morning (because, you see, people don’t use regular alarms anymore), it might be because it’s not loud enough. One quick and easy way to amplify it is to:

1) Find suitably large wine glass.
2) Break off stem.
3) Insert mobile inside and point towards your head.

Alternatively, you could try not getting wasted the night before. You may find that you hearing improves dramatically.

VIA [MobileWhack]

7 thoughts on “DIY Alarm Volume Booster”

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  2. This seems like a potentially bad idea. When you reach over to shut your alarm off in a half-asleep state, you may end up smashing the glass or knocking it onto the floor, where it will burst into a thousand glass shards. That might wake you up quickly, but I imagine cleaning up all the broken glass and blood probably wouldn’t be worth the effort. 🙂

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