DiXX Digital Putter With Removable Computer

DiXX Digital Putter (Images courtesy Infinics Inc.)
By Andrew Liszewski

Whether you dream of making it big in the PGA, or simply want to finally get your ball through that sunken wagon wheel at the local Mini Golf course, the DiXX Digital Putter promises to drastically improve your putting skills. And it does this with a very unique putter that uses an onboard PDA-like computer to monitor all aspects of your swing.

The DiXX computer has an “inertial navigation system” which tracks when and where the putter hits the ball as well as a “micro electrical mechanical system” which monitors the motion of your swing. With this data the putter is able to determine how ‘good’ your putt was, and will provide specific performance feedback in 5 different areas. What’s particularly neat is that by just twisting your wrist you can easily navigate the computer’s menu system without having to first remove it from the putter.

When you consider how much money you can theoretically make as a professional golfer, the DiXX’s $900 price tag doesn’t seem that bad. That is until it delivers the harsh news that you are indeed a terrible putter.

[ DiXX Digital Putter ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]