Distract Your Co-Workers With A Missile Barrage

R/C Rapid Assault

By Luke Anderson

There are times where I miss being a kid. Back in those days you got to play with toys all the time without a care in the world. Then I realize that while I have more responsibilities now, I actually make money to buy myself such toys. Take this R/C Rapid Assault truck, this certainly looks like it would be a blast.

Imagine that you’re walking down the hall, when you suddenly spot a remote controlled car down the way. While that may seem a bit strange, I’m sure you’d be a bit freaked out when it started barraging you with missiles from a good 20 feet away. While it will probably work only once before you’re figured out, it will likely make a great diversion while you sneak away from your desk before the boss has a chance to ask you to work late. At least it makes for a cheap diversion at only $21.

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