Disposable Flasks Seem Perfect For The Game

Disposable Flasks Seem Perfect For The Game


By David Ponce

We understand sport venues’ desire to charge outrageous prices for their alcoholic beverages. Just as much as we hope they’ll understand our desire not to get gouged just because we want to watch a game live. Bringing your own booze is a great alternative! Of course that’s all fun and games until security catches you and forces you to throw your flask away. It’d be much better if it was one of these cheap, ($15 for a 3-pack) disposable, re-usable flasks.

These 7.5 oz. reusable foil pouches are portable, freezable, pocketable, and easily disposable, and feature airtight plastic lids that won’t leave tell-tale leakage marks on your clothes.

You realize, we’re sure, that the item’s usefulness is not limited to sports venue. Here are other suggestions: funerals, your kid’s play, church, a breakup dinner, dance club…

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8 thoughts on “Disposable Flasks Seem Perfect For The Game”

  1. Or just fill your booze in a Capri Sun pack and drink yourself drunk. Capri Sun has the added benefit of camouflaging the fact that youre booze. People will think youre just drinking juice.

  2. One time my friends and I snuck a 6 pack of pounders into a bar. We ordered a pitcher and then kept topping it off. The waitress never caught on.

  3. These are super cool. You could fill it with fruity drinks and say it is fruit punch and you don't like germs so you don't want to share. The price is nice too.

  4. It looks like the edges are sharp, the last thing I need when I'm drunk is sharp things to get cut with. I wonder how many times you could reuse these. If you twist the cap on too tight, does the bag twist around dangerously threatening to break when you try to untwist the cap? Would these flasks work better with a push-pull cap?

  5. I was just at the supermarket where I saw a pack of Capri Sun and thought of this post. Capri Sun does not have a screw cap. You cant fill booze in a Capri Sun pack. Forget about what I said above * nervous laughter*

  6. just use a plastic water bottle. I do it all the time, if you get caught you just toss it. For brown liqour use a root beer or cream soda bottle. You ametures…

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