DiskGO 32GB USB 2 Flash Drive

DiskGO Flash Drive (Image courtesy EDGE Tech Corporation)By Andrew Liszewski

If you think the 160GB external drive I posted earlier is still too big to carry around on a daily basis, then your only other option for a decent amount of storage on-the-go is a flash drive. I can remember when 32MB on your keychain was mind-blowing, but that seems absolutely minuscule when you can now get a 32GB version instead.

At that size, USB 2.0 almost seems too slow for copying data if you intend to completely fill the drive. The DiskGO also includes a copy of Cryptarchiver Lite, which can be used to encrypt your data up to 128AES. When you consider how much data can be easily lost with a drive this small, encrypting your files is really not a bad idea.

The 32GB version of the DiskGO is available from the EDGE Tech website for $399.95, but smaller, more affordable versions are also available.

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