By Bruce Eaton

Time to get your disc resurfacing groove on, with the commercial grade Disc-Go-Devil. Unlike those hand-cranked ones that you can buy for $30, this guy can do 225 discs an hour. Built in a compact design that only takes up 9?w x 8?d x 10? h, the powerful pump and motor inside just blazes using a set of polishing pads and compounds to make old CD’s, DVD’s, and games run like new, all in one cycle without changing any parts or fluids.

There is a digital display which can track the total number of repaired discs at each specific level and with everything self-contained, it is easily portable. At $995 this thing’s only for the most destructive of people (you know who you are), but with such a cool namE I am all for it.

[Disc-Go-Devil] VIA [Kotaku]

2 thoughts on “Disc-Go-Devil”

  1. Clearly out of my price range, sadly. Any word on whether those $30 jobbies perform adequately? I’m willing to get a little sweaty to resurface my copy of DSOTM that my cousin scratched to hell and back.

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