Dirty Dog, The Workshop Bot

dirty dog robotic workshop cleaner

By David Ponce

By now, you should all be aware of the existence of the iRobot Roomba. In case your usual dwelling is a rock’s moist underside (and you’re taking a once in a lifetime adventure on the interweb tubes), just know that it’s a cute little robot that vacuums your floors for you. It’s somewhat cheap, and better yet, fosters your God-given right to do nothing at all, all day long. And now, we have news of an addition to their lineup (which also includes the Scooba), called the Dirty Dog.

As it turns out, the company realized some people have workshops which could benefit from an occasional bout of robot-enabled cleaning. The unit is the same size as a Roomba, yet somehow manages to fit up to 40% more stuff into its bagless debris bin. And it features two tough counter-rotating bristles that turn at up to 1,000 RPM, to pick up the bigger, tougher, grosser stuff that might litter your shop floor. For this reason, it’s not recommended you unleash the beast on your $50,000 Persian rug.

The Dirty Dog will cost $130 and is available starting today on the company’s website.

[iRobot Corporation] VIA [Crunchgear]