Dinner In The Sky

Dinner In The Sky (Image courtesy DinnerInTheSky.com)
By Andrew Liszewski

I can honestly say I’ve never been at a restaurant with a group of friends and thought to myself that the evening could have been improved if only we were all precariously suspended 50 meters in the air. But apparently there are those who have.

Dinner In The Sky is a pretty simple concept. Find 21 of your best friends or co-workers, strap yourselves into special racing-type seats complete with 4-point harnesses secured around a large table and then suspend yourselves 40 to 50 meters above the ground with the assistance of a large crane. The table and seating structure also includes a center section where the chef, waiter and ‘entertainment’ do their thing because dangling 50 meters in the air can get kind of boring. The service can even include an additional crane if you’d like an entire band to accompany your meal or whatever else you can think of.

Dinner In The Sky with all the options will set you back about $15,000 though I’m still scouring the site for an April 1 publish date.

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  2. Going out on a group date can be really a lot of fun but I can't imagine myself and my friends eating in such place hanging like that LOL!!! I think I'm gonna throw up and my knees won't stop shaking, If these people wants another option for a place then I think they should go for London Dating.

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