Digitizing Line DL 3000 Book Scanner Is Big And Fast

Digitizing Line DL 3000 (Images courtesy 4DigitalBooks)
By Andrew Liszewski

We’ve written about a few different book scanners that are relatively compact and affordable, but have you ever wondered what the professionals use when deadlines are looming and money is no object? I assume they turn to something like the Digitizing Line DL 3000. It’s capable of turning and scanning 3,000 pages an hour and it’s guaranteed to only turn one page at a time, since having to go back and check for missing pages defeats the purpose of it being so fast in the first place.

Digitizing Line DL 3000 Page Turn (Image courtesy 4DigitalBooks)The machine works mostly unattended, though human intervention is needed when it comes time to load a new book. On average the setup process takes less than a minute per book when using a preset, or about 2 minutes if you’re setting up a book type that’s never been scanned before. And given the fact that the DL 3000 can operate 24 hours a day for up to 6 million cycles before needing maintenance, it can bring the production costs for scanning a book down to about 2 cents per page. As a result, even though the machine has a price tag of about $250,000, that cost can be financially amortized after about 3 million scanned pages. I just wish I could have convinced the local copy shop at my University to invest in one.

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