Digiti – Digital Graffiti

Digiti Digital Graffiti (Images courtesy Kenji Ko)
By Andrew Liszewski

While his blog hasn’t been updated in a while, Kenji Ko’s experimental media project Digiti, or Digital Graffiti, might have saved quite a few buildings from the hands of vandals. The prototype uses a laptop, webcam, projector and a small collection of custom electronic spraycans to create virtual graffiti. Instead of blasting out paint, the cans have a colored LED on the nozzle which is turned on when you push it down. As the can moves across the display, the webcam tracks its motion and uses that data to recreate the virtual version of the paint on the wall.

While I don’t think having systems like this will deter everyone from ‘tagging’ various landmarks with real paint, it could give those who are more interested in the artistic aspect a better place to showcase their talents.

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