Digital Scale Keychain Not Just For Weighing Keys

Digital Scale Keychain (Image courtesy Things You Never Knew Existed)By Andrew Liszewski

Many analysts have predicted that in a few years MP3 players won’t exist because that functionality will be already built-in to every cellphone. So given the fact that every week there seems to be some new kind of technology squeezed down to the size of a keychain I predict that in 5 years all gadgets will be replaced with some sort of uber-keychain. Of course at that time keys will still be in existence otherwise there’d be no way to carry around this marvel of high-tech wizardry.

But at the moment we’re still making baby steps towards that ultimate goal and the latest gadget to get the ‘keychain-sized’ treatment is this digital scale. Just hold onto one end and attach your small item to be weighed (letters, coins, jewelry etc.) on the other and the small backlit LCD screen will display the weight in either grams, ounces, penny weights or grains.

So unless you’ve decided to wait for the uber-keychain I predicted you can get this Digital Scale Keychain from Things You Never Knew Existed for only $12.98.

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