Digital Planter Lets Your Garden Taunt You

Digital Plant Pot

By Evan Ackerman

As if I don’t already feel bad enough when my houseplants that I pay so much attention to up and die on me, designer Junyi Heo has created a USB planter with an LED display that makes faces to convey the current emotional state of your leafy pal. The planter has sensors that measure soil conditions, temperature, humidity, and water, and based on the type of plant in the planter, some software will calculate how the plant is most likely, uh, feeling. There are a bunch of different facial expressions, including male and female ones, along with some simpler pictures that tell you if the plant is too hot, too cold, or thirsty. Seems like it could also use something to tell you if it’s getting the proper amount of light, which I think is how I manage to kill most of my foliage. Speaking of, you know what else it could use? A little tombstone icon a la Oregon Trail: “Here lies Wilt. He died from lack of sun.” Rest in peace, my chlorophyllic friend… Rest in peace.

VIA [ Yanko Design ]

5 thoughts on “Digital Planter Lets Your Garden Taunt You”

  1. I have about ten plants in my room and i would rather go to sleep with wilting leaves and dead plants in my room than have ten creepy LED faces making angry faces at me.

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