Digital Hero 3 Sits On Your Wrist, Looks Dumb

digital hero 3By David Ponce

We might as well give you fair warning that sporting this digital camera on your wrist (as it’s intended to be worn) will make you look like a douchebag. Yeah, you might as well get yourself a fanny pack, and flashing Bluetooth headset to go along with it. If, despite knowing this, you still trek on with your purchase, then you should at least know the specs. The Digital Hero 3 is a 3-megapixel, wrist-mounted, waterproof sports camera. It’s an upgrade to the previously reported GoPro Digital Hero, which shot bafflingly low-res VGA stills. The device accepts up to 2GB SD cards, so you should be able to take plenty of shots, most likely of people looking at you disapprovingly.

It’s a nice concept, and we applaud the company for their effort at making personal sports photography more accessible, but dude… a camera on your wrist? Well, whatever, it’s $140 and should be out later this year. It’s currently on display at CES.

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  1. ummm, something tells me people that bag this product don’t do anything but comment on blogs. just saw this thing at outdoor trade show and it is ripping. get out of the cubicle more often, guys.

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