Digital Frame Shows Pics Of Your Pet While Holding Its Ashes

By Luke Anderson

I’m something of an animal lover. No, not the “save the whales” or “carry my dog in a purse” kind of guy (or a guy that carries anything in a purse for that matter), but the kind that enjoys seeing animals and loves his pets. That being said, I’m completely creeped out by this digital picture frame. Why? Because it holds the ashes of your dead pet.

I get that some people really love their animals, but holding onto their ashes is just a bit weird in my eyes. Then to take things a step further and enclose the remains in a digital frame is just too much for me. For those interested, you’ll be able to hold 256MB worth of pictures (I’m sure you’ll have no problem filling it up) and view them on a 7-inch screen. The price is a bit salty at $249, but who cares? Nothing but the best for your pet, right?

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5 thoughts on “Digital Frame Shows Pics Of Your Pet While Holding Its Ashes”

  1. I disagree. Right now I have my deceased cat’s ashes, he was accidentally run over by my husband after the cat took a ride across town somehow on/in his car. It was very tragic and totally required a time of mourning. I wanted a way to showcase his ashes, his collar and a picture all together. His ashes are in a small wooden box from the vet. I purchased a larger picture frame box that was just perfect. I put the box with his ashes inside along with his collar and put a few pictures inside the picture frame. I periodically rotate the pictures. Since I already have this in place I do not find the need to purchase this awesome gadget, however, if I lost a pet in the future I would almost definitely buy this. It is rather expense though, so hopefully by the time losing a pet comes along they will be cheaper.

  2. yes i had adog name blakie is mom died wen the pup had a week old i fed im by the bottled and pablum just like a newborn kid tought im evry thing the dog was smart new is colerd balls and evry thing we said then e pass away i paid 375 bucks to get im home whit me and the famlie and yes ill bye this one

  3. Animals are very special to there human families and I think that we need to keep the memories of our deceased babies alive! But I also agree with you that some people can get carried away and spend hundreds of dollars trying to preserve an animal that is already gone!

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