Digital Blue’s U-Turn Camera With Built-in Image Morphing

Digital Blue U-Turn Camera (Image courtesy Digital Blue)
By Andrew Liszewski

I guess just having their own digital camera isn’t enough to thrill kids these days, so Digital Blue’s U-Turn camera comes with a ‘morph’ feature that will distort the images with one of 12 preset effects including swirls and the technological breakthrough known as the stretchy head. (I heard Canon’s still struggling with that one.) The U-Turn’s also got a twisting lens allowing kids to snap self shots with the the 2.4-inch LCD display, and enough built-in memory to store a whopping 80 photos. Expect it to hit store shelves sometime this Spring for a mere $49.99.

[ Digital Blue U-Turn Digital Camera ] VIA [ KidsTechReview ]

4 thoughts on “Digital Blue’s U-Turn Camera With Built-in Image Morphing”

  1. Nikon used to have a similar swivel lens on their Coolpix models. I'm still bummed that they quit making them, so I keep an old Coolpix as my point and shoot for self portraits with friends 🙂

    also, this isn't the first kids' webcams. A friend of mine's 5 yr old got one for her birthday last year, and it's a hoot to see photos from a child's perspective. Lots of photos of knees, and unflattering perspectives of people.

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