Digiscribble – Another Day, Another Handwriting Recognition Pen

Digiscribble (Image courtesy Scanning Pens)
By Andrew Liszewski

Even though I have more than my fair share of gadgets and electronics at my disposal, I still find pen and paper to be the best way to stay organized. So maybe that’s the reason I’m optimistic about handwriting recognition technologies serving as the bridge between my pen and my computer.

Unlike other pen-based technologies I’ve looked at, the Digiscribble doesn’t require you to write on special paper, but instead uses a memory receiver unit that clips onto the top of your notepad and tracks the motion of the pen. Not only can you then transfer your handwritten notes to your PC and convert them to editable text, but the Digiscribble will also learn your handwriting making the conversion process more and more accurate as time goes on. The pen can store about 50 full pages of A4 text, and will also function as a mouse with the ballpoint tip retracted. However I’m a bit confused as to why they’d include the line “No Hidden Extras!!!” in the product brochure. Is that really a selling point?

Another plus to the Digiscribble is that it’s actually available for sale right now at ScanningPens.co.uk for about $124.

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