Digimo Camera Concept Has A Split Personality

Digimo Camera Concept Has A Split Personality

By David Ponce

Concepts are a love/hate sort of thing at OhGizmo. Mostly hate because we rarely get to buy and own them, although there have been exceptions. We wish the Digimo Camera becomes one such exception as it looks like a really cool way to take pictures. The device would essentially be two cameras joined together. When used in this way, you can capture pictures in 3D. The fun really begins when you split them. You can then position one camera somewhere and control it remotely via the other one. This can create picture taking opportunities that traditional cameras can’t give you, as people and animals tend to behave differently when they know they’re about to be shot. It goes without saying that the LCD on the remote camera would display what the picture-taking cam is seeing.

Check out the rest of the post for a bunch more pictures showing you the different types of scenarios the Digimo could enable. Again, this is just a concept right now, but here’s hoping that it somehow makes its way into a real product.

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